Cahal Pech – Place of Ticks

Cahal Pech means “place of ticks” in modern-day Maya and refers to the fact that the surrounding area was once used as pastureland. However, this was the royal acropolis-palace of an elite Maya ruling family who lived here during the Classic period. Cahal Pech was settled around 1000 BC and abandoned by 800 AD.

The site consists of seven plazas and over 30 structures including temples, residential buildings, ball courts, an altar, and a sweat house, all situated on just 2 acres. A royal burial chamber was found in one of the structures. Inside the tomb, a ruler had been laid to rest with the accouterments necessary for the afterlife. Included in the find were shell & bone ornaments, pottery vessels, obsidian blades, and jade objects, the most impressive being a jade & shell mosaic mask.

One of the temples in this small complex commands the best view of the surrounding Belize River Valley. The visitor center and museum have a model of the site, excellent paintings showing Cahal Pech in its heyday, and an interpretive film.

The day trip to Cahal Pech begins at 5:45 am with a pick-up at your resort. We then have breakfast in San Pedro town, and then take either a 6:30 water taxi to Belize City which is an Hour and a half ride, or a 7 am flight to Belize City which is a 15-minute flight. In Belize City, you are then picked up by your Professional guides. From Belize City to Cahal Pech it’s a 1 hour and 30 minutes drive on the George Price Highway. On your drive, you will enjoy the diversity of Belize’s culture and ecosystems. You will be passing through the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. On the outskirt of San Ignacio sits the ancient Maya city of Cahal Pech.

Your tour of the Ancient City will be led by your guide as you listen to the history of this site, the importance of each structure, and what caused the Mayans to flee their city. After your Maya Site comes lunchtime! Enjoy your fresh cook Belizean lunch, rice, and beans with stew chicken and vegetable salad. After lunch, you hop back in your tour vehicle and drive back to Belize City. From Belize City, you take your water taxi or flight back to San Pedro. In San Pedro, you will be met by one of our representatives who will ensure that you have your transportation back to your resort. This Mayan Site could be combined with the following: cave tubing, zip lining, The Belize Zoo, Horseback Riding, or the baboon sanctuary.

Price: US$277.00

Combination Tours
+ Altun Ha =
+ ATV = US$335.00
+ Baboon Santuary = US$343.00
+ Belize Zoo =
+ Blue Hole (Inland) =
+ Cave Tubing = US$320.00
+ Horseback Riding = US$345.00
+ Jungle Zip = US$340.00
+ Xunantunich = US$320.00
 + Cave Kayaking =  US$335.00
3 in 1 Combos
Cave Tubing Belize Zoo =
Jungle Zip + ATV = US$355.00
+ ATV + Belize Zoo = US$355.00
Cave TubingBaboon Sanctuary =

NOTE: Tour price includes roundtrip from Ambergris Caye to Belize City by flight (15 minutes). You can also choose your roundtrip from Ambergris Caye to Belize City by boat. Please contact us for more information