Mexico Rocks

Mexico rocks is a really extensive patch reef complex on the northern outlet half of Belize, Central America. Patch refers at Mexico Rocks are unique in that they are virtually monospecific, composed of 83% montastrea annwaris, the major reef framework builder, and no lateral biotic zonation caused by different wave energy. These reefs grow rapidly and develop huge vertically, then laterally under relatively static sea level conditions.

Mexico Rocks is combined with Tres Cocos which is another famous snorkeling site that could be enjoyed in a half day. We do pick you up at your resort either at 9 am and you will be back at 12 pm, or at 2 pm and return at 5 pm. This trip is 3 hours including your pickup and drop off, 2 snorkeling stops to view a healthy ecosystem and excellent coral formation.

Price: US$65.00