Best Diving Ever” Explore the beauty of the world’s second-largest barrier reef.  “The world’s largest living barrier reef.”

If you are certified we offer 1 dive per day, 2 dives per day, or even 3 dives per day. We also offer dive packages for multiple days of diving and also night diving to the Marine Reserve.

If you are not certified there is still diving, you could enjoy:

Discover Scuba.

Beginners, first dive ever! This is carried out after you review the first chapter of the open-water dive manual or watch a video. You are with your instructor as you start at 4′ and based on your comfort you explore the underwater whorl up to 30′ in dept.

  • E-Learner
  • Open Water Referral
  • Open Water Certification
  • Advanced Open Water Certification
  • Dive Rescue
  • Master Diver Training

Includes pick up and drop off at your Resort/hotel, tour, Divemaster/Instructor, and refreshing drinking water


1 Tank local Dive US$90.00
2 Tank local Dive US$135.00
3 Tank Dive US$200.00
Night Dive (1 Tank) US$100.00
Bouyancy Compensator US$10.00
Regulator US$10.00
Wet Suit US$5.00
Resort Course US$225.00
Subsequent Dive (1 Tank – Non Certified) US$135.00
Subsequent Dive (2 Tank – Non Certified) US$190.00
Open Water Certification US$587.00
Scuba Diver (2 Dives) US$345.00
Open Water Referral  US$435.00
Advanced Open Water  US$510.00


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