The Blue Hole

The “Blue Hole” is located in the center of the lighthouse reef Atol, Which is about fifty miles due east of Belize City. Originally a cave, the roof fell in some 10,000 years ago as the land receded into the sea.

Go on board our large dive boat with cabin, head and fresh water shower, relaxed seating and easy access in and out of the water. As we head towards your most memorable day where you can enjoy a continental breakfast, sunrise and fresh morning air. The Great Blue Hole, discovered by local fishermen and Later explored by Jacques Cousteau in the 1970’s will be your first dive into the deep blue to a max depth of 130 feet. You will explore the greatness of stalactites and stalagmites. Greet bull and reef sharks gliding over the Blue Hole and swiftly plunging into the abyss.

A different world awaits you not far at Halfmoon Caye Wall, the site of the second dive. Midnight parrotfish,garden eels Southern and Eagle Rays greet you at the start of the dive and lead you towards swim through into the abyss towards sweeping gorgonians, and an array of large sponges. A succulent picnic Lunch will be served on shore at Half moon Caye, following a stroll to the red footed Booby Bird Sanctuary.A one of a kind experience where from a treetop observation tower you can marvel at the cotton like creatures and also the majestic Frigate Birds.

Either, the Aquarium , Silver Caves, Black Beauty or Eagle Ray Wall will be your last dive for the day. Whichever it is, it is sure to close off the day magnificently.



Blue Hole (3 Tank Dive) US$375.00
Blue Hole (Snorkel 3 Stops) US$275.00